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Ace's Grading Process:

Your satisfaction is our number one goal! Each ball is hand graded to certify adherence to the following quality standards:


Our highest grade, these balls are shiny, high white and as close to new as you'll get. Mint grade contains no discoloration or scuffs. Minimal magic marker or small logos may be included.
All of our golf balls come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will love these balls!


Our Mid-grade golf balls just missed our Mint grade. These balls may have scuffs, discoloration or a bit more magic marker, but nothing at all that will affect performance. Entirely suitable for play, these balls are truly an amazing bang for your buck! Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed!


You may find any combination of discoloration, older balls and club marks in this grade. Many are playable however, and make a great addition to the golf bag for the tougher shots - great shag balls at a fantastic price!
Hit Away:

Often called '1 Hitters' these balls are perfect for hitting off your boat, or into the big field in your back yard. These balls may be cut, severely discolored, or maimed in other fashions. May contain range balls.
We thought maybe these had been round-house-kicked by Chuck Norris, but we then found out there is no such thing; golf balls round-house-kicked by Chuck are now called 'frisbees'. Our bad.